Allah remembers..

One of my teachers shared this on the forum:

Imam al-Shafi`i (rahimahullah) once said: “There’s an ayah in the Qur’an that is like an arrow in the heart of every oppressor and at the same time a source of comfort for the heart of the oppressed.”

People asked: “What is it?”

He said: “And never is your Lord forgetful [Surat Maryam: 64]

Forgive & Forget

I read this on a page on facebook that I follow; thought I’d share it here..425749_10151415404352652_799557698_nWe have been taught “to forgive, but never forget”, right?

Most of us lie when we say that we have forgiven the people for their mistakes and wrongdoings but then we continue to remind them of their mistake sometimes. Maybe in anger or maybe just to tease or make them feel hurt.

Is this a forgiveness we want for ourselves as well?

When we raise our hands in humility towards heavens and we beg for forgiveness, what do we ask for? What kind of forgiveness do we ask for?

We want a clean chit from Allah that we have been forgiven COMPLETELY. We want another chance. We want our huge and endless list of crimes to be erased. We want Allah to accept our repentance and allow us to start again. We don’t want to be reminded of it, or have it come back to haunt or to taunt us. We want our sins to be forgiven here and veiled on the day of Judgement!!

Subhan’Allah, the mercy of our Lord, the Most Merciful is so much unique that Allah Subhanahu Wa Taa’la after forgiving a repenting believer never reminds him of his wrong deeds, neither in this world nor in the hereafter!

Hence, If we want to be forgiven completely, we must learn to forgive others completely.

May Allah help us not to bear any grudges towards anyone, to treat one another properly and to forgive another completely.


Source: Masnoon Islamic Duas

Friday mabrook to all! :)

Bismillah ar-Rahman-nir-Raheem

Ya Allah, Ya Rabbe Kareem, ya Allah we have wronged ourselves, Ya Allah You showered the most incredible blessing upon us, You made us amongst the Ummat-e- Mustafa sallal Laaho aleihi wa aliehi wasallam, Ya ALlah You granted us this incredible honor to be a follower of the Last and greatest Messenger, the greatest of all of Your creation, Ya Allah Ya Rabbe Kareem, Ya Allah we have wronged ourselves, We have allowed ourselves to become distant from his Sunnah, Ya Allah we have allowed ourselves to be distant from his seerah, Ya Allah we have allowed ourselves to be distant from his sifaat-e- Mouminana, Ya Allah Ya Rabbe Kareem, Ya Allah we ask You to restore to us his naboo’at, and to restore us to our ummati-ness, Ya Allah we ask You to make us amongst his Kaamil followers, amongst his Kaamil inheritors, Ya Allah Ya Rabbe kareem we want to meet the Prophet sallalaaho aleihi wa alihi wasallam in such a state on the day of judgement that we are able to recognize him, and that he is able to recognize us, that we are able to lay claim to him, and Ya Allah that he himself lays claims to us as his ummati, Ya Allah we ask You to grace us by having the shifa of Rasool Allah sallalaaho aleihi wa aalihi wasallam, let him intercede for us on that day, let us get a place on his ranks and his sahfoof in his rows on the day of judgement, Ya Allah ya Rabbe Kareem, let us get a place in his shade on the day of judgement, and let us get a place in his shade in Jannah for all of the Aakhira for the ever lasting after life, Ya Allah Ya Rabbe Kareem, we ask You to Guide us to the path of the Sunnah, the way of the Sunnah, the teachings of the Sunnah, the lifetime of the Sunnah, the emotions of the Sunnah, and the mentality of the Sunnah, Ya Rabbe Kareem we ask you to restore to us this identity of being his follower, Ya Allah we ask you to increase our love for the Prophet Muhammad sallal laaho aleihi waalihi wasallam, our love as the love as his Sahaaba-e- karaam raziAllahtaAlah anhu, our love for all of those who love him, our love for all of those who were beloved to him, our love for each and everyone of his actions, anyone and each one of his statements, each and everyone of his feelings, Ya Allah Ya Rabbe Kareem, we ask You to accept our Dua, we ask You to drown us into the Sunnah, from the tips of our hair, to the soles of our feet, from the outermost part of our skin, to the depth and inner most core of our being, Ya Allah we ask You to drown us into the Sunnah life, in the Sunnah way.
Ameen. Summa Ameen.

(Dedicated to the works and lectures of Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed
– Dua after the lecture delivered on the Last Ayaahs of Surah Al Baqarah
LUMS- Lahore University of Management Sciences)

May Allah increase our iimaan. inshAllah and ameen.

Jumma Mabrook everyone!

Reflect on this..

Sometimes we lose hope in turning to God and asking for His help because we feel like we have done too much wrong. And yet think of a child who has just angered his mother and immediately after trips and falls on the stairs. Even if that child had just angered his mother to tears, the moment he falls and cries for help, she runs to him. This is human mercy.

And God is infinitely more merciful than a mother is to her child. So, do you think–no matter what you’ve done–when you’re falling and cry out to the *most* merciful…He wouldn’t come save you?

– Words of Wisdom by Yasmin Mogahed

At the time of rain and thunder:

اللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبَاً نَافِعَا‬
Allaahumma Sayyibann Naafi’aa

“O Allaah, (bring) beneficial rain clouds.”
(Bukhari – Fathul-Bari 2/518)

سُبْحَانَ الَّذِي يُسَبِّحُ الرَّعْدُ بِحَمْدِهِ وَالْمَلَائِكَةٌ مِنْ خِيفَتِهِ
SubhanAllaahil ladhii yusabbihur ra’du bi hamdihi wal malaa-ikatu min kheefatihi

“Glory is to Him Whom thunder and angels glorify due to fear of Him.”

[Whenever Abdullaah bin Zubair radhiyaAllaahu anhu would hear thunder, he would abandon all conversation and say this supplication. See al Muwatta 2/992.

May Allah keep us all in His Hifzoamaan. For the rest of it, enjoy the rain! 🙂

Spiritual DETOX for Ramadan ;)

Special thanks to Nabia Lakhani for sharing this text message. May Allah bless her always. Ameen.
Photo Credits: Fursid

  1. Keep free from eating high- calorie flesh (Gossip/gheebah)* of others no matter how juicy!
  2. Switch to Fat Free Truths!
  3. Avoid artificial Tempers.
  4. Do voice therapy by reciting the Qura’an.
  5. Purify your eyes by crying in Dua.
  6. Do Hand Reflexology on Tasbeehs.
  7. Brighten your smile by using a Miswaak.
  8. Take your weight off your shoulders by paying your Zakaat.
  9. Shrug off those extra Kilos of Sins by Repenting!

May Allah accept all good we do in Ramadan! InshAllah & Ameen! 🙂

*gossip >gheebah : Backbiting; Gheebah or backbiting means speaking about a Muslim in his absence and saying things that he would not like to have spread around or mentioned. Buhtaan or slander means saying things about a Muslim that are not true, or in other words telling lies about him. Nameemah or malicious gossip means telling one person what another said in order to cause trouble between them.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear Allaah. Verily, Allaah is the One Who forgives and accepts repentance, Most Merciful”
[al-Hujuraat 49:12]

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said:
Whoever wrongs a person by slandering him, backbiting about him or insulting him, then repents, Allaah will accept his repentance, but if the one who was wronged finds out about that, he has the right to settle the score. But if he slandered him or backbit about him and the person did not hear of that, then there are two views according to the scholars, both of which were narrated from Ahmad, the more correct of which is that he should not tell him that he spoke against him in his absence. It was said that he should rather speak well of him in his absence just as he spoke badly of him in his absence, as al-Hasan al-Basri said: the expiation for gheebah is to pray for forgiveness for the person about whom you backbit.
Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 3/291

 And Allaah knows best.

References taken from:

Finally! Ramadaaaaan 1432!

It is finally here! My favorite month besides rabbi ulawwal! And the most special thing about this month for me is that I feel the closest to Allah.

Wishing a Blessed Ramadan to all Muslims across the globe! May Allah accept our fasts and duas..n give us all a chance to not just be better Muslims, but humans as well. InshAllah and Ameen!

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to tell his Companions the good news of the onset of Ramadaan, and urge them to make the most of it. Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said:

“The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said,
‘There has come to you Ramadaan, a blessed month. Allaah has made it obligatory on you to fast (this month). During it the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of Hell are locked, and the devils are chained up. In it there is a night that is better than a thousand months, and whoever is deprived of its goodness is deprived indeed.'”

(Reported by al-Nisaa’i, 4/129; Saheeh al-Targheeb, 1/490)

And Allaah knows best!

It has got to do with the choices we make..

My reading habits are not how they used to be like about a decade ago and before that. I miss that. And now, even when I do get time, I have become a little selective- to be precise, I must clear out the point though that I am not 100% of a recluse- alhamdolillah for that! & otherwise, I simply don’t get time. And the only part I do get is which I prefer to just laze around or be with *my people*.

One of the few things I do read whenever I get a chance include a story in which I’ve contributed a bit- it’s my favorite one since we started workin on it- which I secretly hope to share with my daughter someday 😉 and a couple of blogs I follow, besides the reading I have to do to keep myself a little up to date with what’s going around in the Technical world- n by the way, I’m definitely not that brainy- though I wish I were at times! That’s ok I guess 🙂

Based on an incident I came across, I got a chance to ponder over, as my topic says, “The Choices We Make,” well I believe that a lot depends on it! Our ability to decide.

The chances that Allah ta’Alah grants us with- well I gave this more thought than I can put down on paper, and taking up my khala’s advice, I would certainly not put down references from the Holy Book & scriptures to support my beliefs. The final conclusion, that I had also at an earlier stage figured and shall even now stick to, is that there are 2 paths shown to us. Putting it in simple words, ONE that leads to the right, a path which would lead us where Allah would shower His abundant blessings upon us, and the other, which leads to a way that would displease Allah. And I undoubtedly believe that Allah is the All-Knowing, and has power over everything! He has planned everything for us humans, but time and again, He as His right is, tests us- our faith. There are 2 kinds of obstacles that one of my aunts taught me about.

The one kind of difficulty that a man has to face is that test from Allah- in which he gets a chance to repent for the sins that he was involved in. Such is the test in which we get a chance to turn towards Him for mercy and make Dua and repent for our sins. And He the Ever- Merciful, forgives.

The second kind of test from Allah include those kinds of difficulties in which Allah Subhanahu-Wa’Ta’Alaah Blesses the human with a chance to heighten the level of Honor (urdu: darjaat buland karne).

In simple, we must say Alhamdolillah even when we are struck with tough times and have to deal with the most difficult of situations.

And finally, I have decided to come back to my topic 🙂

There are things that have been predestined by Allah subhanahu wa ta’Alaah. Like the time of our birth and when we shall exit this world; also whom and when we shall marry are amongst decisions that have been preordained by the Almighty. We are humans. To error is human. When we are confident enough to say it out loud that we are strong individuals, we must also be strong enough to admit when we sin. And instead of mourning all over it, we need to repent. Because sooner or later, what we would realize is, that repentence is the only way. And actually, the first step to move towards the Almighty. We take that first step, and He embraces us half way through! The Ever- Merciful, All- Powerful Lord of the exalted throne does give us a chance. It is therefore our duty to read the scriptures and not just that, it is also obligatory upon us as Muslims to synchronize our lives accordingly and comply with what is written in the Quran. The word of Allah.

I hope to complete my efforts on discovering the purpose of man’s existence someday. That’s a brave thing to say, why so? Because, I am only a beginner. And of the little I have read, what I have understood is something I can’t explain as yet, but I shall share as soon as I have better understanding on the subject. InshaAllah!

One of the finest and very very important and valuable piece of blessing that the Humankind has been bestowed upon by Allah is His word! The Quran. Allah (SWT) has sent the Quran to us as a guide. In simple words, this guide teaches us about the right and wrong.

Why do we need to learn the right and wrong? Because, with all that has been written in our destiny by Allah, He has given us the free will to decide. To make a choice. Not just like that. He has given us the right to make decisions based on the right and the wrong which is further elaborated upon in various verses in the Quran.

Why has Allah explained that? Why has Allah warned those who perform evil deeds and disobey Him and choose the incorrect path from doing so? So that they do not complain on the day of resurrection to Allah, for not being warned beforehand. Allah is the All- Knower, the most Beneficent and the most Merciful! He would not punish anyone except after caution. And He has warned us in the Quran about the right and the wrong, very clearly.

As I said.. it all has to do with the choices we make..

May Allah subhanahu wa ta’Alaah guide us all.. towards the path of the Al-Muttaqun.
And Allah knows best!

Assalamoalikum! 🙂