Hyderabadi-ism :)

Other than stuff like.. Cricket… Pakistaniat… Food and etcetra being in my blood as a Pakistani, coming from my mum and dad’s side, hyderbadi-ism I believe is just as much a part of me!

I’ve grown up eating khatti daal, mirchiyon ka salan, double ka mittha, kachi yakhni ki buryani, baghare begann, timaate ki chatni, khubaani ka mitthaa, home-made achhaarz and God! Lots of goodies and more made by my grandmothers, mumma and aunt!

I love how wearing a saree was as easy as putting on a T with a casual pair of jeans for ammi and bibi..
the natural pattern of speech my mum and my aunt, and even my dad and uncles have.. it’s not just Hyderabadi to the core! It’s just lovable! 🙂

Just wanted to share a couple of hilarious videos here showing the way hyderabadi mums kinda get mad at their kids for my family and hyderabadi friends to enjoy 😉

Go Hyderbadi-ism! 🙂

pleasant memories..

Was watching these pics from my last few days at CC.. I knew I’d miss my team! Got my hands on the HOT office camera n made memories with my team and some friends! For a change I was glad we were stayin’ back after work hours! 😀

And so, here it is.. this was my 2nd last evenin’ at Creative Chaos!

Miss you guys!

My Team: <Muhammad Furqan, Muhammad Faizan AnwerAlishah Chagani>
Other Colleagues/friends: <Zair, Fursid, Imran Bhai>

Colors of Hope!

I often pass by Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s mazaar and notice people from all kinds of classes right outside, sitting on the footpath, with their palms open at the mercy of the wise, wide-eyed old men, wrinkles on each one of those faces telling a thousand and one stories of their own.. I was reminiscing my drive through that narrow- crowded road after I received a morning text from a friend of mine in which he shared an Indian Proverb, that read as follows:

“Your future does not depend on the lines of your hands, because people who do not have hands also have a future”.

How true! Though I found this study quite interesting at one point in time, I am now pretty much against these horoscopes and palmistry kinda activities based on religious grounds purely.

Anyway, here’s meee meeeee meeee, jotting down some scattered thoughts in this otherwise CRM- terms- filled head of mine, that I’d decided to share this morn here, and which actually gives me an opportunity to appreciate another great effort by another one of my dear x-colleagues and friend, Alishah Chagani.

Quoting *anonymous*, so when was the last time you appreciated a kid? I just did! NOW! 🙂

Well, whatcha waiting for?!
Spread the word and love! Join us in appreciating and encouraging the bunch of youngsters by liking their page on Facebook!

They are the Colors of Hope!  Their Official Website and services are expected to be launched in October 2011.
Let’s help spread the colors of Life, with the light of Hope, for these very very special and extremely talented kids!

To view what amazing and beautiful things these angels are capable of doing, check out this link!

Sometimes.. i make sense to only.. ‘me’…………. :)

Maybe it’s got somethin’ to do with spiritualism… urm.. I dunno.. well it does seem like there’s a connection… It did seem ambiguous when the mind dismissed the idea with the possible inference; smiling and convincing yourself that things’re not TOO bad when in fact they aren’t TOO great, wouldn’t that be a case of 1st degree deception? eeeeee!! sounds almost like a murder! And so I shook my head to let go of the negative thought!

I couldn’t help laughing when a friend pointed why it isn’t possible to smile all the time.. the jaw would start hurting for one, another one pointed out! 😛 well, the point could be taken into consideration.

It was one of those days when I was lost and blue. Everything seemed normal otherwise.. with the exception of something.. important missing.. Only the kids’ excited chitter chatter in the playground kept me from breaking up..

I lay down in the dark with my eyes closed; sweet memories rushing in all at once.. yanked harshly almost immediately by realizations of the loneliness that I felt then… I must admit it took a hell lot of effort to pull in thoughts of better times.. my heart winning out on all the reasonings little by little, as I felt my mind surrendering in vain.. and that’s when I noticed that my lips had automatically curved into a smile..

That a smile does increase a couple of ounces on the amount of calmness contained within one… was all I could conclude with by the time I was all set to make my way back home..
and it sure does help not to let anger take over a bad feelin’ n make things worse..

Instead, the realization of accepting things, people, their natures, their mood swings, circumstances.. n in a nutshell, the world in its entirety… just as it is… comes to life… as time passes… at a *very* slow pace…

well I guess… 🙂

n yeah, the ticks go on…


The ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 mania in full swing!

Suddenly all of those applications are alive on my facebook home feed! Zong’s Super Predictor! One Big Stadium! and I’m sure there are loads of more applications happening out there! Well cool! Though, being a Pakistani, Cricket is like an active gene in most of us. Getting cricket fans to participate in such games just arouses the cricket spirit more, plus there are prizes as incentives :p

The first match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is between India and Bangladesh, toss for which has been won by the Bengalis who have decided to BOWL first!

A tip from Super Predictor:

Bangladesh has won the toss and decided to bowl first. They want to take the early advantage of dew, also in last 12 matches team batting 2nd has won, consider it a tip for your predictions 🙂

& here’s the Sports Quote shared by One Big Stadium:

Most games are lost, not won. ~Casey Stengel

Enjoy the game! Participate! Let’s see who wins! 😉