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Sometimes.. i make sense to only.. ‘me’…………. :)

Maybe it’s got somethin’ to do with spiritualism… urm.. I dunno.. well it does seem like there’s a connection… It did seem ambiguous when the mind dismissed the idea with the possible inference; smiling and convincing yourself that things’re not TOO bad when in fact they aren’t TOO great, wouldn’t that be a case of 1st degree deception? eeeeee!! sounds almost like a murder! And so I shook my head to let go of the negative thought!

I couldn’t help laughing when a friend pointed why it isn’t possible to smile all the time.. the jaw would start hurting for one, another one pointed out! 😛 well, the point could be taken into consideration.

It was one of those days when I was lost and blue. Everything seemed normal otherwise.. with the exception of something.. important missing.. Only the kids’ excited chitter chatter in the playground kept me from breaking up..

I lay down in the dark with my eyes closed; sweet memories rushing in all at once.. yanked harshly almost immediately by realizations of the loneliness that I felt then… I must admit it took a hell lot of effort to pull in thoughts of better times.. my heart winning out on all the reasonings little by little, as I felt my mind surrendering in vain.. and that’s when I noticed that my lips had automatically curved into a smile..

That a smile does increase a couple of ounces on the amount of calmness contained within one… was all I could conclude with by the time I was all set to make my way back home..
and it sure does help not to let anger take over a bad feelin’ n make things worse..

Instead, the realization of accepting things, people, their natures, their mood swings, circumstances.. n in a nutshell, the world in its entirety… just as it is… comes to life… as time passes… at a *very* slow pace…

well I guess… 🙂

n yeah, the ticks go on…


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