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11.10. | happy bday ma..

While cuddling with my 9 month old, and as he snuggled in different positions figuring out which is the MOST comfortable one for him, he kept up with his baby blabber in that tiny kitten voice of his — he kept going as if he was throwing away.. venting his way through his baby probs and pains.. knowing he’s telling those to his mom. Then he quieted down.. as if I’d understood everything he had said and finally fell asleep peacefully. Alhamdulillah.

As I lay him down, I thought of mumma.. how important it was for me to vent out my worries and troubles to her.. share any news associated with me.. she’d be happy for me, angry for me, worried for me, and at the end, she’d soothe me down. She always managed to calm my nerves. I could not be in peace when she was upset or angry at me. It was her voice.. that was just.. magic.. I guess… Ya Allah I miss her so much!

What wouldn’t I do to hear her one more time.. hug her forever.. n never let go.. n tell her, I love you so much mumma ♡ Your saru misses you. Can’t wait to be with you.. it’s just not the same without you.. 😥

Happy birthday ma ♡

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