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Can’t wait to meet you again.. iA

The only thing that we find solace in is the fact that she was called on by Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaah on the first of Ramadan, the blessed month. It felt like she was waiting for Ramadan.. when the gates of hell are shut, and those of the Jannah are open. It feels terrible inside and we cry our hushed cries coz we miss her. But I can’t help but smile at the memory of the Ghusl lady telling us.. Allahu Akbar. “Doesn’t she possess the sign of the people of Jannah? Just feel her skin. She is so soft and supple, and what peace she holds on her face,”.. At once, the feeling of grief that I won’t get to see her again, that this was the last bath we were giving her.. the last time we were touching her, kissing her.. was replaced by such a soothing feeling: That our mumma is amongst the people of Jannah in shaa Allah khair.

A few days later, a guest who visited us for condolences told us.. they say that a sign of the people of Jannah is that their soul is taken out from the body as if you’re pulling out a hair from the flour… and it made me so happy coz that’s exactly how she passed away. My sister and I were sitting right there making sure she was all fresh and clean and tidy.. just 2 minutes had passed.. and she passed away.. I wanted to ask this person.. please tell me more.. but I didn’t.. I realize how Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaah is so Rahman and so Raheem.. He answers our duas.. we prayed for her to be relieved of the pain.. Alhamdulillah.. she is no more in pain. Alhamdulillah

The void that’s in our hearts might never be fulfilled, but I can only wonder.. Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaah loves us 70 times more than how much our mothers love us. Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaah blessed each one of us with a mom to give us all a sneak peek of His love for us. I miss mumma. Terribly.
😦 I can’t wait to see her again in shaa Allah khair, n be with her in Jannat ul Firdous ♡


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