The *solution*!


<Chat Transcript>

Sara: (Ctrl+Alt+Del) x 2 = The *solution :p

Rabia:  Haha… Gud 1

Ather: Jokes apart that is the most suitable step to start debugging. I use to provide support in US to a IT company and more than 50% issues got resolved just by first step … We have also learned that Time is Money, so..

Sara: 🙂

Fouzan: Same here! Restart usually covers up situation but not a reliable solution

Asim: When no solution works, some times really restart does the magic! One of the good tools in Network Support’s world 🙂

Madiha: Good one!!

Sara: guys, Just lighten up.. 🙂  in many situations, restarting resolves the issue. Do agree with what u’re sayin and there have been a few situations in which I too have given the same advice. it’s a fact that is kinda funny. 🙂

Additional discovery: Guys from our batch are more emotional than us. And I know Rabi & Madia would agree :p love u all! 🙂

‘The’ Key

Thank you brother Bilal Phillips for this reminder yet again!

You know how it is when one under a lot of pressure and anxiety begins asking to oneself WHY?? WHY ME? WHY NOW? WHY HERE? WHY WHY WHY??? We have the tendency and so we just keep forgetting and in the end feel helpless.. and finally, exhausted, expectantly look up into the sky searching for an answer.. secretly praying.. hmmm.. depressing!

You know what pal, He does listen! He does guide!


Here’s the latest status update of Brother Bilal Phillips on the matter.. we need to realize where we go wrong.. patience indeed, is the one key.

The One Key it is! Have Patience.. keep sabr.

Bilal Phillips wrote:

Allaah not only said: “Surely with every difficulty comes ease,” (94):6 but he also repeated the statement for special emphasis, word for word, in the verse following it. This is a divine promise of mercy, wherein, Allaah clearly states that He would never continuously burden an individual. There will always be a time of ease following all periods of hardships, therefore, man is enjoined to have Sabr (patience) at all times. It is man’s impatience which drives him to act impetuously, prematurely choosing what appears to be the easy way out, even though it falls under what has been forbidden. Impatience is a part of man’s nature, for Allaah Himself said: “Man was created hasty.” (21):37.
Consequently, the great reward in store for the righteous can only be attained if patience is exercised and the path of righteousness is followed especially in times of difficulty and temptation.