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The *solution*!


<Chat Transcript>

Sara: (Ctrl+Alt+Del) x 2 = The *solution :p

Rabia:  Haha… Gud 1

Ather: Jokes apart that is the most suitable step to start debugging. I use to provide support in US to a IT company and more than 50% issues got resolved just by first step … We have also learned that Time is Money, so..

Sara: 🙂

Fouzan: Same here! Restart usually covers up situation but not a reliable solution

Asim: When no solution works, some times really restart does the magic! One of the good tools in Network Support’s world 🙂

Madiha: Good one!!

Sara: guys, Just lighten up.. 🙂  in many situations, restarting resolves the issue. Do agree with what u’re sayin and there have been a few situations in which I too have given the same advice. it’s a fact that is kinda funny. 🙂

Additional discovery: Guys from our batch are more emotional than us. And I know Rabi & Madia would agree :p love u all! 🙂

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