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Leave Allah’s plans to Him..

I was watching a movie today.. hadn’t cried in a while.. my heart felt light. For a change, in the past 3 and a half weeks, my head didn’t seem to ache.. everything seemed quiet, and peaceful… At the end of the day, once I was done with my good-nites and sleep-tites, I just lay down thinking.. all that happens around us… most of the things that spontaneously happen and take our breath away, leaving an overjoyed stupid smile on our faces, with genuine happiness reflecting in the gleaming eyes, well most of these things are actually those which we don’t plan for- which only makes me realize, how much I detest planning. Number 1, most things don’t exactly go according to the plan; number 2, the excitement upon achieving the goal as planned is not as hot as that super cool feeling you get when achieving something that hadn’t exactly been planned out; number 3, I strongly believe, there’s a time for everything, which I also believe strongly negates the mere idea of planning! And number 4, planning requires more of a human’s brain to work, than the heart– for me, I would opt for the ♥ touch any given day.. any given time. Though more often than not, I’ve begun with worrying, for things which I later realized left me exhausted uselessly, mainly ‘coz they’d already been planned out by the One Who is the Greatest of Planners. I’m trying to be at peace with myself for now..

Reminds me of a quote by Omar Khayyám, the Phisopher of the World..

“Why ponder thus the future to foresee,
and jade thy brain to vain perplexity?
Cast off thy care, leave Allah’s plans to him –
He formed them all without consulting thee.”

Makes sense now, does it not? 🙂 hmmm…

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