1. i like the theme :Dand u read matt mullenweg but u created ur blog on blogspot lol hehelike this song.. will do a cover together.

  2. Thanks Zairy :))hehe! I knw what u mean. Since I was on Blogger for a while now, I decided to begin with this anyway, but wud b exportin it to wp soon enough :)n oh yes! looking forward to do a cover for this with ya sooooooooon! 🙂 God bless.

  3. hey love the design…. good one… nice theme 🙂 … i wish one day i’ll update my blog with a new theme :p

  4. Thanks Fursid 🙂 there are pretty cool themes by wp walas out there. Took hours to select this one to adjust my blogspot’s content out here 🙂 love your wootheme as well 😉

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